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Separation of plastic waste, now we have to start.

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

We are preparing an email urging the implementation of recycling.

Hello? Our name is Edward Ju and Jessica Ju, who are students at St. John’s High School. Our family is a Korean family who moved to Guam two years ago. Our family is very interested in the environment. So, we created a family volunteer group called Better Guam and are doing various volunteer activities for Guam.

The things that became the most out of stock on Guam after the Phantomic began were toilet paper and water. Guam has an island topography surrounded by the sea, and the water supply facilities are very old, so it is not an environment where you can drink tap water right away. So, any resident of Guam must have bought and drank bottled water. A large amount of bottled water is sold every day, but it is difficult to find a recycling bin on the street where you can easily dispose of plastic bottles that are thrown away after drinking.

Our family wanted to collect and recycle the PET bottles we drank over the past two years. However, since our house is an apartment, it is difficult to personally apply for recycling collection like a normal household, and it is difficult to find a nearby waste disposal facility. Some states on the mainland pay a refund when returning plastic bottles, so that many people can voluntarily participate in the return. are encouraging you to do so. It was really sad that there was no such facility in Guam.

A ray of hope for our family, who was in despair, came when we heard the news that the Guam government is implementing a policy to restrict the use of plastics. I was very happy when I found out that there are many people who want to protect Guam and that the government is implementing various policies. We ask that you consider the policy of recycling plastic bottles as well as implementing the policy to reduce plastic vinyl.

By recycling plastic bottles, it is possible to protect the environment of Guam, and in the case of colorless plastic bottles, recycled raw materials can be used, so economic effects can be achieved during export. According to Bloomberg, the export price of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is mainly used as a base material for disposable plastics, has tripled in the past 10 months. The United States is the world's largest PVC exporter, and PVC export price was $540 per ton in early May last year, but soared to $1,600 at the beginning of this month. Plastic bottles that anyone can drink and throw away easily are garbage, but they can be valuable resources when collected.

I earnestly ask the Guam government. Please collect plastic waste like cardboard paper so that we can recycle bottle bottles so that we can continue to preserve the natural beauty that Guam has given us. I think that more people who care about the environment will participate in plastic recycling if plastic separation is implemented.

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