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Best Places to Do Community Service

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

GIFTS Volunteers Beach Clean-Ups Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) Girl Scouts (Tree sale volunteers) GAIN (Guam Animals In Need) GMH Volunteer Kusinan Kamalen Karidat Painting Bus stops Unconditional Love Volunteer Public library volunteer Skilled Nursing Unit Volunteer Guam Symphony Salvation Army UOG Plant Conservation project St. Dominic’s Volunteer Yosakoi Dance for Japan Club Harvest Festival Math Counts Assistant Coach

Pacific Music Festival participant Harmony Fair participant Guam Territorial Band GATE Productions Recycling volunteer for SJS Environmental Club Local theater productions International Coastal Cleanup PIC Road Race Volunteer Habitat For Humanity Erica’s House Mock Trial International Science Fair Manager for Sports Teams, incl. Tennis, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer & Volleyball Coaching soccer, basketball, and tennis for elementary students Church choir Haggan Watch


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